Garage Fight

Homeless Receives 30-Day Notice!

Homeless Receives 30-Day Notice to Vacate Illegal Residence…Only In the United States of America!

I am considered technically homeless because I live in an illegal residence and secondarily because I have no cooking facilities.

When I moved in the lamp was already hanging from the fixture, but it was functional. As time passed, I noticed how one socket kept requiring bulb replacements, indicating to me a short. August 27, 2018 will mark eleven years at this residence.

Fastforward to about my landlords (parents) finally addressing the light issue, only because I am requesting new, whiter light due to wrong color choice when finishing shawl. At Home Depot, I informed my landlord (mother) that she should pay for lighting as it is part of her building; she insultingly – in my opinion – complied.

My landlord (mother), being very money-focused, is always trying to get things done on the cheap, using friends and friends-of-friends to get things done. They had no problem getting someone to take out the light. The same day we purchased the replacement. Three days later and I am still without lighting.

I finally informed my landlord (mother, because I knew it would inflict the most pain) that if she did not get someone out to insert new lighting TODAY, I was going to get someone, pay them myself and deduct that amount from next month’s rent. My landlord (mother) replies that I better not because the guy the removed the light owes her money and he is going to put the light in for her against that same money, and I have a little light anyway, and reminding me that if I was not living in the garage, she could rent the property for $5000.00/month.

Insulted, I inform her that additionally, I am reducing next month’s rent by half due her introduction of an unwelcome person (my newly-recovering-from-crack brother in her house) into my living environment. He acts like a third-landlord, ordering me around, especially when my parents are not at home. Seems to me I’ve heard on court television a concept about reducing a person’s living environment’s pleasure and enjoyment due for rent paid is illegal. I leave and go home with my meal.

The next day – if I remember correctly – my landlord (mother) comes over to tell me “stuff” that supports her argument for full payment. I tell my landlord the only way she is going to change my mind is by evicting me, and then I ask her to leave my dwelling area, as I have already paid rent for this month. She refuses, starting to argue again. I say leave. She refuses, starting to argue again until she actually starts retreating at my increased volume requests to leave, however still starting to argue again, but not before eliciting from her a thirty-day notice to vacate.

I express my outrage on Facebook, which has become a very useful tool in my depression, as well as marijuana, which I smoke in situation such as this to relax and bring my blood pressure down. I start doing my research and learn that after eleven years residence, the landlord would have to give me sixty-days notice. I figure if I delete my post and ignore the verbal thirty-day notice, I should be golden until August 27, 2018.

Because of how I was brought up by my parents (landlords), I have a very stubborn self-sufficiency streak. I’ve done enough research to bridge the gap until I can have my first appointment the Aids Project Los Angeles Housing…yes, I can accept major help. The funny thing is that only one person Facebook friend” has asked how he can help. I notice when I am in this position, the majority of people only offer suggestions/opinions regarding what I should do. This is another reason, I like to take care of things on my own.

This morning I had a realization, but in documenting the history that led up to my realization, it seems to have escaped my mind. I think it had something to do with how I’m handling things. It’s a different world today than where I come from: drugs, thievery, whoring. The fact that I am handling today’s shit versus stealing for money for drugs and dick says much, and it’s nowhere near as the fun I elicited from my past activities.

If only I had caffeinated coffee versus the de-caffeinated shit I bought because it was in the clearance rack! 😀

This Guy

This Guy…

…reminds me of myself.

  • Awake at the ungodly hour of four to five ante meridiem
  • Singing for a mate that will never come
  • Alone

Or he thinks he is a rooster and is trying to wake everyone up!

I am switching sides, like my cousin, Tisa, who always wanted to kill the birds for singing. I love birdsong, but when the song is the only thing you hear in the early morning and the song is repetitive, it really gets to me.

Please be advised that this picture was taken from my front door. The bird is located at the top of the antenna of my parent’s house, next door.

Sorry, Mr. Bird. Had to close the window today.

Service DogsCredit: America’s VetDogs and Guide Dog Foundation/Rebecca Eden

My Service Animal Is A Dinosaur

OMG! This video could not have presented itself at a more opportune time. I was just about to criticize the whole service animal issue in California.

I support service animal use, however, not for emotional support. If you need an animal for emotional support, the animal does not need to go into the supermarket/restaurant; you can wait outside in the car while your guests/assistants take care of your business for you. And if you must go into the market/restaurant, your animal MUST be wearing the identification clothing.

Once again, people – #IHatePeople – have taken advantage of a law meant to be assistive to people with real AMBULATORY disabilities. I have a dog that I would love to accompany me everywhere. If I am rigorously honest with myself, I only want him to accompany me because I hate the thought of him alone at home. Though, I’ll admit, it would be nice to have him with me 24/7 though.

The irony is that I am now seeking housing assistance and I want to have a home where my dog can live with me…he does provide emotional support for me. As such, my psychologist is prepared to assist me with service animal application.

If I ever do take my dog out somewhere, you can bet he will be properly identified while we are out!

Ha! I just went to the ADA (American Disability Act) website to make sure I was correct in my critique. From their frequently asked questions page:

QuoteQ3. Are emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals considered service animals under the ADA?

A. No. These terms are used to describe animals that provide comfort just by being with a person. Because they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task, they do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. However, some State or local governments have laws that allow people to take emotional support animals into public places. You may check with your State and local government agencies to find out about these laws.

And quesiton eight is a complete contradiction. If a handicapped person must identify their vehicle as such for parking privileges, why not an animal. Proper identification would alleviate peoples fears, questions, etcetera.

QuoteQ8. Do service animals have to wear a vest or patch or special harness identifying them as service animals?

A. No. The ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness.

I emailed the Department of Justice regarding proper clothing ID on ALL service animals. I’ll post my reply as soon as I get one. Sorry, I forgot to include a copy of my message to them…let me see if I can get it…

Got it…

QuoteYou forgot to include ADA in your topics…anyway, ADA does not require id of service animal, yet handicap require id on their cars. What the fuck! I demand id of service animals, especially when they are in a food-related business (restaurant/grocery market). employees say they cannot challenge animals in their business. BULLSHIT! Proper clothing ID of service animals would resolve this. How do I get the law changed?


Prostration & Politics

As the California primary approaches, I am hell bent on NOT PROSTRATING MYSELF FOR AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.

I admit my memory for politics is bad because during my developmental years, I didn’t give a fuck about voting or politicians or environment or this or that, etcetera. In 2007, having been defeated by a crack addiction and sobering up, I began to get involved because I was incensed at the state of my city, state and country.

This lead to extreme anger, which led to improper and inappropriate outbursts which only resulted in losing “Facebook friends” and getting banned from Twitter. Oh, I guess I could add that it compounded my depression.

Anyway, I am now back to my original position that I refuse to prostrate myself before my city, state or federal government. One only has to look at the offerings for governor:

Antonio Villaraigos & Gavin Newsom

In 2007, Villaraigosa was caught in yet another extramarital affair, this time with Spanish-language television newswoman Mirthala Salinas, prompting his wife to file for divorce for the second time and last time.[1]

In January 2007, it was revealed that Newsom had a romantic relationship in mid-2005 with Ruby Rippey-Tourk, the wife of his then campaign manager and former deputy chief of staff, Alex Tourk.[2][3] Tourk filed for divorce shortly after the revelation and left Newsom’s campaign and administration. Newsom’s affair with Rippey-Tourk impacted his popularity with male voters, who viewed his indiscretions as a betrayal of a close friend and ally.[4]

I am very firm in that if one has issues of honesty, one would be a fool to put someone with trust issues into office. How the hell can you trust what they say? Wake Up America! If your companion is cheating on you, they have are “in your face” telling you they can’t be trusted! Sleeping with your best friend’s companion or a relative’s companion is vile and the doubly low because the suspect is betraying both their spouse and friend/relative. Why would you trust these types?

for senator:

Dianne Feinstein

Seeking re-election to the senate – I tried to figure out how many times, but I can’t figure out the math. I can tell you that she has been serving twenty six years total and that is way overdue for her to be voted out!

Her current commercial states that she is for universal healthcare, yet after 26 years, the United States of America is a third world country in comparison to other progressive and humanitarian countries that believe healthcare is a human civil right, and in my opinion, constitutional right because how many sick people are pursuing liberty or are even able?

Then there is the opioid crisis. I watch 60 Minutes: The Whistleblower, Redemption; Season 50, Episode 4. I was appalled when I saw the scene where the opioid bill passed with no hesitation or opposition for anyone in the senate of which Dianne is a part.


1. Biography of Antonio Villaraigosa
41st Mayor of Los Angeles (2005-2013) Los Angeles Almanac.

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4. Nevius, C.W. (February 2, 2007). "Unforgivable breach of the Man Code". The San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved April 11, 2015.

Elon Musk Tunnel Traffic Solution

First of all, Elon has not reconciled his Tesla ordeal, still behind in production, breaking his promises to advanced purchasers. If a human has no integrity, how can I expect him to complete this task? I can’t.

CNN reports “The city government has been receptive. A city council committee granted the Boring Company an exemption to a state environmental review — a review that can be a very long process.”

What city? I need to found out and blast them. Most likely, Los Angeles and Mayor-for-the-Rich Garcetti. Excuse me, I am part of Los Angeles and I would never issue an exemption to a man that can’t complete one task before starting his next. This type of process shows no return.

Logistically, I can’t grasp the concept of a system that only allows one car at a time. One only has to view the video to see that traffic will still exist.

How the hell is waiting in line to get into the tunnel going to save time or resolve the traffic issues? I think a better solution would be multilevel highways, earthquakes be damned; or widen existing highways; or build additional highways; or improve the public transit system so that cars would be obsolete.

I view Elon’s tunnel project like that fucking bullet train which has only gone up in price and remains incomplete as of today.

The Truth: A person’s history is very relevant to a person’s present and future.

Horse Bridge VS Human Affordable Housing

Horses Over Humans

Dear Eric (Garcetti),

Once again, you are favoring the rich and privileged over the poor and unfortunate by building a Bridge connecting Atwater Village and Griffith Park that will cater to horses, cyclists and pedestrians.

Please note pedestrians is listed last in the list.

The L.A. Daily News reports this bridge was made possible in part by a $4.75 million donation from philanthropist Morton La Kretz. How much of a philanthropist can he be to put horses over humans? That’s not all folks…

The media – in collusion with the city, state, federal government, etc – reports in a separate paragraph that $3.6 million from the state and $6.9 million from the Public Works Trust Fund will also secure this building, so I don’t expect some snarky Garcetti-groupie to challenge me with a post saying “The article says the funding is from donations,” stupid bitch!


Majority of your lives, you have become so accustomed to someone wiping your ass you that you are weak now and will be of no use during the coming revolution when the poor will overcome the rich!

Choose your side now and prepare by educating yourselves about the inner workings of the people that rule over you. Yes! That’s right. They rule! With their invisible – to us – corruption. Even more diabolical are the distractions of celebrity, music, sports, etc. Again, you throw your money to people you don’t know!

I am part of the next revolution.


Los Angeles Board of Education…

…is run by a bunch of incompetent humans that apparently have much to learn.

They recently selected Austin Buetner as Superintendent over Interim Supt. Vivian Ekchian, who had been managing the district since the previous Supt. left on medical leave last fall.

He is a  businessman, civic leader and philanthropist. Prior to Buetner’s selection, board members received documents from the district’s general counsel David Holmquist, notifying them that the charity Beutner founded, Vision to Learn, could lose its contract with the Los Angeles. Unified School District. The nonprofit, according to the documents, had fallen far short in its commitment to provide vision screenings and glasses to thousands of low-income students this school year.

Ekchian dedicated her 32-year career to Los Angeles Unified School District – should be Los Angeles Unified School Dummies.

We have had seven superintendents over the past ten years. That does not sound good at all and I haven’t even been able to confirm the term yet.

Buetner has much to prove.