United Airlines: The Friendly Skies?

Apparently not!

I refer to this incident on United Airlines.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if no one chose to exit the plane due to overbooking…no more. In this incident, a lotto is conducted among the paying passengers, and those chosen are evicted from the plane.

What is really appalling is that paying passengers were evicted to accommodate non-paying United Airlines crew! This is hardly a problem of the consumer; more a problem for the airline.

It all goes back to greedy capitalism among corporations. Supposedly, overbooking is a common practice, airlines claiming that empty seats cost money. Again, not the consumer’s problem. And don’t tell me that airlines are suffering; just take a look at how much they charge and how they nickle and dime passengers nowadays for every little thing.

I hope United really suffers after this debacle. As for me, I decided to stop traveling via air when homeland security was born because I know myself all too well and I don’t have the patience anymore to tolerate the long lines, personal space invasions…especially when I am the paying passenger.

People are not luggage!


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