Because I got high…

“I don’t care! I love it!” [Icona Pop]

I just got home from banking and grocery shopping and, well, um…

…anyway the story goes like this…

I am working on this scarf, which is part of my houndstooth stitch pattern development, and it reminds me of Felix’s Bag of Tricks pattern.

While watching an episode of Felix, I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my childhood days and just now realized my passion with color began with cartoons. And all this has bloomed into a love of music, art – what I call “Ability to Realize Talent.”

I am grateful today that I can see the beauty in life!

I think way too much importance is put on money and power.

Before I get sidetracked, I must get to the meager work I have, that only forces me deeper into debt. I am a blessing blocker.

I will get through with his help.

He has not abandoned me yet.

Ciao bello!

The truth is that my last words to the person for whom I am performing a task were a question: “Can I start this tomorrow?” She replied: “Sure…”

And then my current boyfriend [an illegal] started making noises outside, indicating he wanted to re-enter. Upon which, he began his coy moves, but I was not having it. He inched closer and I finally gave in and reached further to pick his ass up.

Now he was mine!

So we cuddled for a minute and I decided to take a few snapshots…

Sh! Don’t tell Trump. He’ll have ICE over here in a minute.


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