Style By Jury

J. has myopia, was emotionally scarred by sky-diving accident, kid-fashions due to small stature, “she looks sad” comment by jury…all leading to make over. Just finished psychological task of writing positive affirmations out, posting on stakes and proclamation her positive truths as she climbed a hill, where she is greeted by three close friends with positive truths about her. Teeth redone, Hair redone, Makeup redone.

As he is watching, he is thinking about the psychological task alone and thinking “What’s the point?” He is pretty sure this is a symptom of his depression. From his perspective, he doesn’t see the point of improvement…For whom? His next lover? Any and all past lovers were not there for love. What is there to be attracted to? For what? For his health? He has diseases for which there is no cure. For the next great job? He has not been gainfully employed since 2007. Due to his health, he doubts he has the mental/physical strength to work a full time job anymore, unless from home on his computer.

Bottom line: If he could have a COMPLETE (body, mind, teeth, hair, clothing, etc.) makeover, he would do it as a last chance at love and a last chance attempt for a complete mental perspective turnaround .


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