Fuck Adobe!

And Apple too!

Yesterday, I simply restarted my computer and it would not come back up. After at least three calls to Apple Care, I had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. I lost all my illegally acquired music and photos. I am so angry over the music after I think of the countless hours it took to find and download all the music from my life.

Today, I am letting go to music, which means no more spiritual influence; I am lessening the avenues through which God has spoken to me previously. What the hell, I have already removed all friendships from my life and I have tenuous relations with my own fucking family, none with my siblings.

So today, after a frantic search for my software disc, I am trying to re-install my Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium software, but my computer keeps spitting out the dvd. I had forgotten about this issue, and today I am on the phone with Apple Care again, who have not resolved the issue yet.

So I jump on the phone – to avoid another day of major aggravation – to find out about BUYING Adobe Photoshop. WHAT THE FUCK! I can only buy an older version and it doesn’t even have full capability; where as, I can subscribe to use the software for a monthly fee of $19.99 or a yearly fee of $239.88. THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS! They are not even offering a discount for longer subscriptions! FUCK THEM! I am going to Best Buy as soon as they open and BUY A GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE.


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