BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse

Been there, done that! And I won’t be doing that again unless another birthday person want’s to go there after I have offered to take them out or a meal for their birthday. 😀

Seriously, I am not a brewhouse aficionado, so this type of restaurant would be one I would stay away from for increased noise volume. Considering we were planning lunch, I thought my chances of being overwhelmed audiologically were quite slim.

Nice interior: woods, black fabric (leather?), and my most favorite wall had a mural reminiscent of the WPA era. This mural took me back to my days on South Beach, when I met Charlie. ❤

I was soon retruend to reality with lukewarm clam chowder, but a most delicious tossed garden salad. For some reason unknown to me, I was dining slower than normal, as I had not even finished my salad and my entree was being served. I finished my salad and started on my soup, hoping my ribs and green beans would still be warm by the time I got to them.

My flash-blanched green beans were crunchy and well flavored; the ribs were okay, but I was not a superfan of the barbecue sauce, which had a peppery bite before getting the sweet goodness of the sauce. The ribs were tender, but considering the advertised time it takes to cook the ribs, I thought the meat should be falling off the bones. I ate everything!

We finished the meal with a beignet covered with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and sauce, and whipped cream. DELISH! Hard beignet shell that did not cut easily with spoon edge…FAIL!

I will not go back anytime soon.


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