Hotel Lobby & Nostalgia

why I do associate nostalgia with hotel lobbies?

my cousin posted this. i immediately recognize that he is in the Phillippines again by the interior of the hotel lobby and my family knowledge of his life.

seeing the picture i recognized that i always feel nostalgia when i see a hotel lobby. jokingly – the direction my brain goes first all the time – i answer because I am adventurous. at the same time, the true answer pops into my head: the mysterious chance of love. and finally the lurid, miserable truth: i’ve been in many and, let me tell you, missy, NONE of them had a lobby like that, much less, a walk-in office! i think when i see a REAL lobby, the romantic in me wakes up at the thought of a REAL romantic getaway with a husband, lover, fuck-buddy, prostitute, crackhead…

Ha! I never noticed that the more desperate I get, the more skinny my taste in men is.

…that was MY short-term goal/obsession/delusion/desire while I was out there.

if i ponder this more, i realize, also, that a lobby represents a sense of security to me because i am no one – anyone i want to be. there is security in annonymity and wonder in the fantasy of the places from which people have traveled.


mojo’s hungy.

Pictured: Shangri-La, Fort Manila, courtesy my unknowing cousin…heh heh heh.


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