It’s A Conspiracy!

Reported by ABC7 Eyewitness News:

ABC& Eyewitness News Tweet

The Tweet link above, when followed, reveals the following:

ABC & Eyewitness News

ABC & Eyewitness News

  1. where is there any mention of race?
  2. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that there was active anti-loitering law.

The Inquirer – reports:

The Inquirer DAILY NEWS screenshot

The Inquirer DAILY NEWS

  1. And makes no mention of race either. Hell! One of the policemen was of Negroid influence.
  2. The previous also reports that the woman was within her rights, which to me wihout further research, infers that there was an anti-loitering law.

You can see my reaction to this whole mess above in the Tweet screenshot.


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