Horses Over Humans

Dear Eric (Garcetti),

Once again, you are favoring the rich and privileged over the poor and unfortunate by building a Bridge connecting Atwater Village and Griffith Park that will cater to horses, cyclists and pedestrians.

Please note pedestrians is listed last in the list.

The L.A. Daily News reports this bridge was made possible in part by a $4.75 million donation from philanthropist Morton La Kretz. How much of a philanthropist can he be to put horses over humans? That’s not all folks…

The media – in collusion with the city, state, federal government, etc – reports in a separate paragraph that $3.6 million from the state and $6.9 million from the Public Works Trust Fund will also secure this building, so I don’t expect some snarky Garcetti-groupie to challenge me with a post saying “The article says the funding is from donations,” stupid bitch!


Majority of your lives, you have become so accustomed to someone wiping your ass you that you are weak now and will be of no use during the coming revolution when the poor will overcome the rich!

Choose your side now and prepare by educating yourselves about the inner workings of the people that rule over you. Yes! That’s right. They rule! With their invisible – to us – corruption. Even more diabolical are the distractions of celebrity, music, sports, etc. Again, you throw your money to people you don’t know!

I am part of the next revolution.


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