Elon Musk Tunnel Traffic Solution

First of all, Elon has not reconciled his Tesla ordeal, still behind in production, breaking his promises to advanced purchasers. If a human has no integrity, how can I expect him to complete this task? I can’t.

CNN reports “The city government has been receptive. A city council committee granted the Boring Company an exemption to a state environmental review — a review that can be a very long process.”

What city? I need to found out and blast them. Most likely, Los Angeles and Mayor-for-the-Rich Garcetti. Excuse me, I am part of Los Angeles and I would never issue an exemption to a man that can’t complete one task before starting his next. This type of process shows no return.

Logistically, I can’t grasp the concept of a system that only allows one car at a time. One only has to view the video to see that traffic will still exist.

How the hell is waiting in line to get into the tunnel going to save time or resolve the traffic issues? I think a better solution would be multilevel highways, earthquakes be damned; or widen existing highways; or build additional highways; or improve the public transit system so that cars would be obsolete.

I view Elon’s tunnel project like that fucking bullet train which has only gone up in price and remains incomplete as of today.

The Truth: A person’s history is very relevant to a person’s present and future.


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