Homeless Receives 30-Day Notice!

Homeless Receives 30-Day Notice to Vacate Illegal Residence…Only In the United States of America!

I am considered technically homeless because I live in an illegal residence and secondarily because I have no cooking facilities.

When I moved in the lamp was already hanging from the fixture, but it was functional. As time passed, I noticed how one socket kept requiring bulb replacements, indicating to me a short. August 27, 2018 will mark eleven years at this residence.

Fastforward to about my landlords (parents) finally addressing the light issue, only because I am requesting new, whiter light due to wrong color choice when finishing shawl. At Home Depot, I informed my landlord (mother) that she should pay for lighting as it is part of her building; she insultingly – in my opinion – complied.

My landlord (mother), being very money-focused, is always trying to get things done on the cheap, using friends and friends-of-friends to get things done. They had no problem getting someone to take out the light. The same day we purchased the replacement. Three days later and I am still without lighting.

I finally informed my landlord (mother, because I knew it would inflict the most pain) that if she did not get someone out to insert new lighting TODAY, I was going to get someone, pay them myself and deduct that amount from next month’s rent. My landlord (mother) replies that I better not because the guy the removed the light owes her money and he is going to put the light in for her against that same money, and I have a little light anyway, and reminding me that if I was not living in the garage, she could rent the property for $5000.00/month.

Insulted, I inform her that additionally, I am reducing next month’s rent by half due her introduction of an unwelcome person (my newly-recovering-from-crack brother in her house) into my living environment. He acts like a third-landlord, ordering me around, especially when my parents are not at home. Seems to me I’ve heard on court television a concept about reducing a person’s living environment’s pleasure and enjoyment due for rent paid is illegal. I leave and go home with my meal.

The next day – if I remember correctly – my landlord (mother) comes over to tell me “stuff” that supports her argument for full payment. I tell my landlord the only way she is going to change my mind is by evicting me, and then I ask her to leave my dwelling area, as I have already paid rent for this month. She refuses, starting to argue again. I say leave. She refuses, starting to argue again until she actually starts retreating at my increased volume requests to leave, however still starting to argue again, but not before eliciting from her a thirty-day notice to vacate.

I express my outrage on Facebook, which has become a very useful tool in my depression, as well as marijuana, which I smoke in situation such as this to relax and bring my blood pressure down. I start doing my research and learn that after eleven years residence, the landlord would have to give me sixty-days notice. I figure if I delete my post and ignore the verbal thirty-day notice, I should be golden until August 27, 2018.

Because of how I was brought up by my parents (landlords), I have a very stubborn self-sufficiency streak. I’ve done enough research to bridge the gap until I can have my first appointment the Aids Project Los Angeles Housing…yes, I can accept major help. The funny thing is that only one person Facebook friend” has asked how he can help. I notice when I am in this position, the majority of people only offer suggestions/opinions regarding what I should do. This is another reason, I like to take care of things on my own.

This morning I had a realization, but in documenting the history that led up to my realization, it seems to have escaped my mind. I think it had something to do with how I’m handling things. It’s a different world today than where I come from: drugs, thievery, whoring. The fact that I am handling today’s shit versus stealing for money for drugs and dick says much, and it’s nowhere near as the fun I elicited from my past activities.

If only I had caffeinated coffee versus the de-caffeinated shit I bought because it was in the clearance rack! 😀


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